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Travel · 14. Februar 2019
Looking for some inspiration for your trip to Berlin? Here are my hottest 15 tips to spice up your Instagram feed with some special Berlin pictures. Check out these Locations.
Travel · 19. Mai 2016
Es ist Frühling - die perfekte Zeit für einen Kurztrip nach Prag! Ihr werdet es lieben!

Munich · 12. Juli 2015
DE | EN EN - 15 Hidden Places In Munich. Everybody can do Castle Neuschwanstein! Don’t you think so too? It’s time to change our view of our favorite city. I’ll show you 15 places in Munich, who are far from all tourist tracks. Have fun and start exploring! Yours Sara // 1. Cafe Kubischek Cafe Kubischek. The little cafe Kubischek in the Waldfriedhofstraße is the counterpart to the new Cafe Kubischek at Gollierstraße. It brings back memories of a bygone era. On Sundays you can enjoy a...